New Bottoming Formations

Dark Pool Quiet Accumulation Builds Bottoms

During Trading Range Market Conditions when several industries are in their own Bear Market while other industries are continuing a Bull Market, determining when a stock has reached a final low or near the final low is critical for Swing Traders. They typically will be selling short into a bottom and then switching to buying long with Momentum Trading, as a stock hits the final low and moves with momentum or velocity action out of the extreme low in one of the new bottoming formations in the Stock Market.
One factor that Technical and Retail Traders need to recognize is the dominant influence of the Dark Pools, which build bottoms with Quiet Accumulation. Often times their patterns are hidden from Retail Traders using older style indicators such as MACD, Stochastic, and Average True Range ATR. By incorporating a few Leading Hybrid Indicators, Retail Traders can see what Professional Traders see in Quantity Analysis...Read the full article here:

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