High Frequency Trading Impact on Selling Short

List of How to Identify High Frequency Trading Candlestick Pattern Activity

High Frequency Trading HFT activity occurs often these days, and the High Frequency Trading Impact on Selling Short is substantial but unsustainable. Retail Traders who want to learn how to sell short during topping markets and downtrends, need to be able to identify the “footprints” of the Professional and Technical Trader versus the High Frequency Trading patterns. These Market Participant Groups leave a different footprint on the stock chart which enables the Retail Trader to distinguish between them, and thus be able to determine what price will do next.

I have provided a stock chart example #1 with the footprints of the Professional and Technical Traders as well as the High Frequency Trading outlined on the chart...to read the full article on my TechniTrader.com website CLICK HERE

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