The Burgeoning Success of Position Trading Stocks

Reliable Low Risk Stock Entry Trading Style

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Position Trading is a newer trading style that many people have not yet heard about, which is a trading style for choppy Sideways Market Conditions. 

More and more of the giant and large funds managers have moved their buying and selling away from the Stock and Options Exchanges into Dark Pools, Twilight Pools, Electronic Communication Networks, and other “UNLIT” market venues. 

This has slowly changed what we see in Technical Analysis patterns over the past decade, which now allows for a burgeoning success of Position Trading stocks.

Stocks spend more time in various sideways patterns from tight Consolidations, medium width very uniformed Platform sideways price action, to the very wide Trading Range sideways action. 

This is due to the new numerous order types designed and used exclusively by the Buy Side and Sell Side Institutions, that use the Dark and Twilight Pools for their giant and large lot transactions. To read the full article on my main website at CLICK HERE

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